BookStack Data

My work at BookStack pushes businesses up the data value chain:

  • Reporting: What happened last month?
  • Analyzing: What factors drove the change?
  • Monitoring and Alarming: What is happening now, and should I take action?
  • Predicting: What will happen if I don’t take action?
  • Optimizing: What is the best action to take?
    • Large Language Models / GPT: Best handled with cutting-edge technology?
    • Classical Machine Learning: Or battle-tested, low-cost ML systems?
    • Alternative approaches: Or do we need to think outside of the box?

To achieve those goals, I apply my depth of expertise in software architecture and development, user research, and machine learning.

I value all sorts of things. Because of #1 (below), we’ll focus on the ones you might not expect:

  1. Your time: You hire me because you want to manage fewer things, not more. I make each word count. Additionally, while high-touch* communication is essential at many stages of the design process, I’m always mindful of the cost of meetings to you and your organization.
  2. Your risk tolerance: You hire me because it might not make sense to find, screen, train and commit to a specialized employee. If you are interested but the proposal seems daunting, let’s make it smaller. If your priorities change, let’s pause the thread. I’m flexible.
  3. Your goals: I’ve worked in all sorts of organizations. Things are crazy, I get it. I’m hear to listen and execute, not tell you that you’re not up to ‘best practices’. Unless that’s one of our deliverables!

To learn more, email

*The limits of ‘high-touch’ being defined by the relevant health authorities at the time of the meeting, of course.