BookStack pushes businesses up the data value chain:

  • Reporting: What happened last month?
  • Analyzing: What factors drove the change?
  • Monitoring and Alarming: What is happening now, and should I take action?
  • Predicting: What will happen if I don’t take action?
  • Optimizing: What is the best action to take?

To achieve those goals, we apply our depth of expertise in software architecture and development, user research, and machine learning.

We value all sorts of things. Because of #1, we’ll focus on the ones you might not expect:

  1. Your time: You hire us because you want to manage fewer things, not more. We make each word count. Additionally, while high-touch* communication is essential at many stages of the design process, we’re always mindful of the cost of meetings to you and your organization.
  2. Your risk tolerance: You hire us because it might not make sense to find, screen, train and commit to a specialized employee. If you are interested but the proposal seems daunting, let’s make it smaller. If your priorities change, let’s pause the thread. We’re flexible.
  3. Your goals: We’ve worked in all sorts of organizations. Things are crazy, we get it. We’re hear to listen and execute, not tell you that you’re not up to ‘best practices’. Unless that’s one of our deliverables!

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*The limits of ‘high-touch’ being defined by the relevant health authorities at the time of the meeting, of course.